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The Walford Partnership, a specialist search firm, established a mentoring service Walford Professional Direction in 2005.

The program is tailored to Partners and Directors in Professional Service Firms and Senior Corporate Executives with each of our Mentors former leaders in their professions or industries.

This service delivers:

  • Years of experience in providing advice and support to Partners in Professional Service Firms and Leaders in Industry.
  • Mentors who were leaders in their chosen professions or industries
  • Personality matching of Mentors and Mentees
  • Tailored programs to meet Client and Mentee requirements
  • Uniform Mentor training to the highest industry standard
  • Central control and management of the process

Mentoring Structure

All programs are tailored to the needs of our clients. In general, each would entail two sessions of 1.5 hours per month for the first two months, followed by one session in each subsequent month. The mentor would be available for telephone contact at any time throughout the program. Thereafter the program can be extended as required.

Mentoring in Seminar

Two half-day programs covering the process of effective mentoring. Participants will be guided through the requisite training and skills awareness required to become an effective Mentor. This generally involves from 6 to 12 Partners or Business Leaders.


Our mentors have been carefully selected. They are all former leaders in the professions or the banking and financial sector. All mentors were either practice group, state or national heads of their firms or, if from the finance sector, senior executives.

The Mentors expertise comes from developing client relations and practice building as well as advising and supporting their peers and staff.

All have experience in the management of professional services firms or companies. This includes the daily as well as more strategic long term issues. Our mentors have been trained in the structure and process of mentoring.