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The Programme

At the onset of the programme, we will meet with the relevant Executive or Partner so that we gain a clear understanding of the situation and the background to the impending separation(s).

We initially act as confidantes and “buffers” with those Executives or Partners nominated for the Programme – by listening to them and discussing their options with them, we guide them through the process of separating from their present employer and focussing on the next stage of their career.

We highlight their particular skills and talents, and discuss with them their new career options. We make arrangements for the Executive or Partner to complete a Thomas International Management System Profile and discuss the Profile’s results with them. In many cases, training in letter writing, interview techniques and both personal and resume presentation is required. We develop with them strategies for effective networking and self-promotion, including recognition and analysis of opportunities. We keep them informed of opportunities, salary ranges and “sought after” skills and provide them with a valuable network of contacts in those fields which complement the Executive’s own network.

At each stage of the process, we act as counsellor, confidant and constructive critic.


The Walford Partnership provides a Career Transition Program which is aimed at assisting executives and Partners who are faced with the challenge of changing their career direction. This may be due to their company’s downsizing or the executive’s personal decision to seek a new opportunity.

Our objective is to ensure a successful career redirection for these executives and partners, while also recognising the need to maintain and enhance their morale and commitment throughout the Career Transition Process.

It goes without saying that the process is also handled with discretion and in absolute confidentiality.

The Process

  • Secure precise brief from Client
  • Establish a meaningful relationship between Mentor and Mentee
  • Agree short and long term goals
  • Align goals to better all round performance
  • Assist Partners or Senior Executives to achieve specific objectives
  • Create a balance between career and private life
  • Provide guidance in management
  • Guide Partners or Senior Executives to develop a more rewarding and productive relationship with management, peers and staff
  • Provide a sounding board for Partners or Senior Executives

The Outcome

  • A robust behavioural structure
  • More efficient time management
  • Effective delivery of Mentors experience and expertise
  • Productive relationship with staff, peers and family
  • Improved communicational and interpersonal skills
  • Achievement of goals